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Composite Drainage Channel

The composite has many different uses. This includes drainage products. Composite drainages have many advantages over concrete drainages. The most moist properties are extremely light. For this reason, transport operations are carried out more easily and they are much easier to assemble than concrete drainages.

In the sector, composite drainage channels are preferred instead of concrete drainage canals. Composite drainage channels, which also save labor costs, also save material.

These innovations in the industry have led to a significant reduction in costs. The biggest disadvantage of polymer drainage is that it is playable. There are solutions to these. There is also an anti-theft lock system for polymer drainage canals. Polymer drainage canals are frequently used in buildings and gardens.

Composite drainage canals are also unaffected by weather conditions. The composite drainage canals, which are not affected by the sun and rain, are therefore committed to being used for many years.

The use of composite drainage canals is extremely high. In factories, buildings and gardens, poolside, highway sides, warehouses, laundries etc. It can be used in many different fields such as.

Composite drainage canal is produced in total 8 different sizes. It can be produced with L, U and V shapes and can be installed in any region. Composite drainage canals, which are not affected by harmful ultraviolet rays, can also be used for many years. It is also very easy to carry and assemble.

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