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Composite Valve Protection Box

Composite Calve Protection Box B125 Class

Composite Valve Protection Box

Composite Calve Protection Box A15 Class

Composite Valve Protection Box

Composite valve protection box is used to protect valves from external factors. These products, which are used to protect valve types especially in grass areas, come to the forefront with their durability. Composite valve cover provides ease of use. Thanks to the round cover in the product, there is no problem in use. In addition, the green color of the lid provides a integrity with the grass field, the box does not grin. The composite valve box provides easy access to manual and electrical valves in irrigation systems. Thanks to these products, valves can be easily protected from external factors. What are the advantages of the composite valve box?

Since it is made of composite material, it is durable and resistant to external factors.

Includes all the advantages of composite materials.

Compatible with ambient and weather conditions.

There is no recycling and scrap value. The risk of theft is therefore minimal. Valve boxes are available in round, square and rectangular options. These products are excavated and buried on the ground. Then the covers are closed and the products start to protect from external factors. Their structures are quite robust. Therefore, it is long-term in terms of use. It also allows you to save in terms of cost. You must purchase these products that protect your equipment.